Solar-C Gummy – 3 Flavors


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Containing only 170-175 kcal, these juicy gummies offer 500mg of Vitamin C, which is equal to the vitamin content of nine lemons. Doubles as a health tablet beneficial for bodily growth and protection from free radicals, as well as a delicious and convenient snack! Comes in three flavors: lemon, muscat and peach. Ingredient: [Lemon Flavor] Sugar, Starch Syrup, Other Fructose, Gelatin, D-Sorbitol Solution 4.3%, Lemon Concentrate 2.15% (Solid Content 46%), Acidity Regulator I, Acidity Regulator II, Vitamin C, Amide Pectin, Synthetic Flavor (Lemon Flavor, Mixed Fruit Flavor), Pectin, Edible Oil And Fat Processed Product, Nutri Food Pumpkin P, Emulsifier[Muscat Flavor] Sugar, Green Grape Concentrate 2.15% (Solid Content 68%), Synthetic Flavor (Green Grape Flavor, Edible Oil And Fat Product, Mixed Formation (Gardenia Blue Pigment, Turmeric Pigment, Emulsifier), Emulsifier[Peach Flavor] Sugar, Oligosaccharide, Peach Concentrate 8.1% (Solid Content 68%), D-Sorbitol Solution 4.0%, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate), Synthetic Flavor (Peach Flavor I, Peach Flavor II, Peach Flavor III, Other Edible Oil And Fat Product, Emulsifier, Fruit And Vegetable Processed Products


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