Nok Sib Cho – Organic Barley Sprout Powder 150g


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Brand from South Korea: Nok Sib Cho. Package Quantity: Includes 150g. Benefits: Infused with 100% Organic Barley Sprout Powder, which keep the original nutrients under low-temperature drying system. Enriched with 18 types of Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals; the manufacturing process is 100% safe and hygienic. You may take it alone or mix it with milk, water or add it to make juice with fresh vegetables and fruits for a nutritious diet. Main Ingredient: Barley Sprout Powder: Contains very large amounts of vitamins, amino acids that provides you with Calcium, Iron, and other useful minerals. Direction for Use: Once or twice a day. Mix a teaspoon (1g) of the product with water, milk, yogurt or refer to the suggested methods above. * Please avoid mixing it with warm food or cooked it under high temperature since these may destroy the nutrients.


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