LEMONA – Vitamin Powder BTS Special Edition Heart Can (Random Member) 2g x 70 sticks


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Brand from South Korea: LEMONA. Quantity: A can contains 2g x 70 sticks Lemon flavor Benefits: A brand-new collaboration of LEMONA and BTS to offer newly-designed heart-shape can package. Vitamin C and Vitamin B2 compacted as a tasty powder in a stick packet to replenish your health. In stick package to offer handy usage that you can take it with you anywhere and anytime. Offers 500mg Vitamin C everyday just with one pack of the powder stick without water to serve. Each stick of pack contains Vitamin C that equal to 9 lemons, 11 Mandarin Oranges or 35 apples. Helps improve melisma and freckles and also help increase collagen in bones and muscle to protect body. Please refer to the nutrient list below for the calories information. NOTE: Packaging features a random BTS member. NOTE: After unpacking, exchange or refund is only possible with defective products but not with personal change of preference. Main Ingredients: Contain Zep Ascorbic Acid, Riboflavin and Pyridoxine Hydrochloride. Direction for Use: Tear off to disclose the package along the guided line and simply pour the Vitamin powder directly into your mouth.


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